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Aims of the PRIDE Project

The overall aim of this project is to  contribute to the professionalization of administrative staff in the field of European doctoral education, in order to provide better support to PhD supervisors, PhD candidates and external stakeholders.
Establishing a social network for professionals will facilitate the dissemination and exploitation of results and prepare the basis for creating an EU network for professionals in doctoral education. In a first step information about good governance structures in doctoral schools focusing on non-scientific issues will be gathered through a needs analysis. Furthermore, opinion leaders in the R&D / HR sector (including the private sector) will be interviewed on the future role and optimal governance embedding of these administrators.


It is intended that the outcomes of the project will impact upon policy making in Europe and decrease 'fragmentation'.
University leaders will become acquainted with strategies and with the necessary means to professionalize administrative staff, facilitating the change-management process which is in place in European universities.
Finally, it is expected that the initiatives planned through this project, in addition to the strengths of the consortium and input from the private sector, will lead to ensuring 'excellence' of doctoral education support at the EU level.

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