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The Fundación Universidad Empresa of the Region of Murcia (FUERM), Spain is a non-profit making institution backed by the two state regional universities, the regional government, chamber of commerce, business organizations, the main regional banks as well as the most important regional companies. 
The main aim of the institution is to make the link between the university and the regional companies to promote and develop exchange and communication between the University and the world of business. FUERM promotes and undertakes a variety of studies, projects and research of interest to both institutions, thus contributing to the growth and development of the Region of Murcia.
The main areas of activity of FUERM are the following:

  • ENAE Business School with a vast training offer at Master level related with business administration
  • Business research and innovation department. Promoting collaboration between the worlds of science, production and technology of Murcia. Within this department, there is an International Area with a vast experience working in EU programmes.
  • Business start-up. Promoting business and enterprise culture
  • Employment service. Helping unemployed people to incorporate into the labour market. FUERM is an associated centre of the Regional Public Employment Service.

Fundación Universidad Empresa de la Región Murcia

Carlos Belmonte

is responsible for business research and innovation department. He has expertise and competences in supporting business. He has 15 years of experience working project to link university and companies. He has a wide knowledge about the business needs.

Dolores Belmonte

is financial coordinator at FUERM. She is highly experienced in administrative fields of European projects and has worked in different LLP projects for more than 12 years.

Caridad Garcia

is national Programmes Manager of the training department of FUERM. She has expertise and competences in the design and development of learning plans and tailored learning programmes. She has more than 12 years of experience working in the National Programmes of FUERM.

Consuelo Garcia

is International Programmes Manager of FUERM which is an interface body to make the link between the university and companies. She is an expert (more than 12 years) working in international programmes, mainly EU projects and she has experience also in business creation services. External evaluator of LLP programmes for Spanish National Agency.

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