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Tallinn University was founded on 18 March 2005, when several universities and academic institutions located in Tallinn were combined. Tallinn University is an internationally oriented public university that operates in the interests of a cohesive and sustainable development of Estonian education and research, and in the spheres of the economy and culture. The mission of Tallinn University is to support sustainable development of Estonia through research and its application, the preparation of intellectuals, public discussion and the facilitation of academic partnership.

More than 10,500 students including 500 foreign students are enrolled in Tallinn University bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral study programmes. A further 15,000 people participate in further education and Open University studies each year. The university employs a total of 1,200 people, including 580 researchers and members of the teaching staff. Tallinn University has the largest percentage of foreigners (8.5%) working as regular academic employees in Estonia.

Tallinn University conducts study and research in six disciplines: educational sciences, humanities, arts, natural sciences, social sciences and health sciences. Tallinn University has 14 doctoral study programmes in 5 disciplines. Doctoral schools play an important role in the doctoral education at the university. Most of the university’s doctoral study programmes are linked to the respective doctoral schools. Several of the university’s doctoral schools are founded on the co-operation between the doctoral schools from universities in Estonia and abroad.

Tallinn University

Katrin Niglas

has a PhD in educational sciences from Tallinn University and is a vice-rector for research. She also holds a MPhil form School of Education, University of Cambridge, the UK. She has taken part in various research projects on the fields of education, social sciences and humanities as an expert in methodology and data analysis and her experience in collaboration with local and international academic colleagues is extensive. In her main field of scientific interest, that is research methodology and related issues, she has cooperated with her team mates (prof. Mauri Kaipainen, Jaagup, Kippar, etc) as well as with colleagues from Finland (Dr Hannu Heikkinen) and Great Britain (Dr Ray Godfrey) (Niglas, 2007a; 2007b; Heikkinen et al, 2005; Niglas & Osula, 2005; Niglas & Godfrey, 2006; Niglas, Kaipainen, Kippar, 2008). She is known in Estonia as a good consultant and continuing education specialist on the field of data analysis, SPSS software and research methods. She has given various courses on data analysis and research methods both in Estonian and in English while being lecturer and associate professor in Tallinn University.
As a vice rector for research she is responsible for the overall development of doctoral studies at Tallinn University. She has initiated several reforms in the area of doctoral studies at the university. She is also a strong advocate of the strengthening the role of the doctoral schools at Tallinn University. At the same time she has a profound interest in the development of doctoral education in worldwide with a special focus on Europe.

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