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Comenius University in Bratislava is the oldest university in the Slovak Republic. It was founded on June 27th, 1919 and follows the university tradition of the Academia Istropolitana which was established in Bratislava by Matthias Corvinus, the Hungarian King, in 1465. As a higher education institution which aspires to be a member of leading European centres of academic excellence and as an INTERNATIONALLY ORIENTED UNIVERSITY, the university's core strategic objectives and mission are:

  • to sustain and develop its identity as a research and teaching institution of the highest international quality, a place of excellence, to be internationally competitive;
  • to provide an outstanding educational environment, supporting study across a broad range of academic disciplines;
  • to produce graduates not only with high personal and professional achievement but also with high human qualities;
  • to enhance the scientific and cultural vision of society as well as its economic well-being.

The University pays special attention to the steady evaluation of its research and teaching in order to ensure that its students are lead by outstanding experts - researchers and lecturers.
The University is organised into 13 faculties, one of them outside from the city. There are 2,674 full and part-time doctoral students (302 from abroad) studying in 273 study programs lasting 3-5 years. It is over 20 % of the total number of all third-level university students in Slovakia. The University numbers of doctoral graduates are 800+ annually. The research capacity of the University is covered by doctoral students strongly in scientific-research teams. Academic staff consists of 420 Associate Professors, 320+ University Professors. Comenius University is active in many international programs (EU, 6.-7.FP) including LLP/Erasmus (570 bilateral agreements).

Comenius University in Bratislava

Peter Galajda

currently working as University Professor in Internal Medicine and Vicedean for PhD study and specialisation study in medicine, Comenius University, Jessenius Faculty of Medicine, Martin, Slovakia. He is a specialist in Internal Medicine and Diabetology. Past Vicedean for education. Participation as faculty representative in projects of: ORPHEUS, TUNING,  TEMPUS and IQUATFOC. Member of National Committee of Slovak Diabetology Association; member of Danubian League against Thrombosis and Haemorrhagic Diseases, European Thrombosis Research Organisation. Member of working group of Accreditation Commission of Ministry of Health of Slovak Republic for Internal Medicine. Member of working group of Accreditation Commission of Government of Slovak Republic for education in biomedical health sciences (2003 — 2012). Research stay on Haemostasis Thrombosis Vascular Biology Unit, University of Birmingham, UK (1998).

Erika Halašová

currently working as an Associated Professor in Medical Biology and Vicedean for International Relations, Comenius University, Jessenius Faculty of Medicine, Martin, Slovakia. Since 2001 has been working as the Faculty coordinator of international LLP/Erasmus program; since 2007 acts as the Faculty delegate in Medical Education in Europe (MEDINE) programme (active participation in WP Research and WP Mobility); since 2011 as the Faculty delegate in The European Association for Preventive, Predictive and Personalised
Medicine (EPMA) organisation; involved in Orpheus organization with active presentations at annual conferences.

Dušan Meško

is a Vice-Rector for Science and Postgradual Study, Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia. University Professor of Internal Medicine. PhD in Internal Medicine. He was a member of 2 national science agencies committees. Involved also in the PhD study reform at the University and his home faculty. Member of various international societies (Association for Medical Education in Europe, European Society of Cardiology). He has managed 6 projects funded by the European Commission. 2 times graduate of UNICA Master Class. Graduate of IIEP/ESMU Distance Education Course on: „Managing University-Industry Partnership“, International Institute for Educational Planning/UNESCO (Paris) and European Centre for Strategic Management of Universities (Brussels).

Katarina Murceková

Katarina Murceková, currently working as an Office Manager at the International Relations Office, Jessenius Faculty of Medicine CU in Martin, from 2000 to 2003 worked with international students studying in English language programme including recruitment of new students. Since 2010 has worked with LLP/Erasmus program. She is responsible for exchanges of students, incoming and outgoing students and teachers within Erasmus programme but also within Bilateral Agreements on cooperation with partner Universities abroad. She is responsible and manages all agreements with partner universities abroad. She translates documents from Slovak to English and vice versa. She participates in international projects and events organized by the Faculty.

Ivona Dudova

Mrs. Ivona Dudova, is working as an Officer at the Economic department, Comenius University, Jessenius Faculty of Medicine, Martin, Slovakia. She is responsible for processing travel orders and invoices as well as the payment of invoices in the State Treasury. In addition, she is partially involved in projects, co-funded by the European Union. Within the Economic Department her responsibilities include controlling and creating payment requests according to timesheets and overall project accounting. Also she is involved in projects financial monitoring processes.

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